40' Kaufman Screamer

As luck would have it, I have not been able to sail Indeed nearly as much as I would like to have.  In fact, I have not even had time to get her rigging modified to suite my needs and desires.  Perhaps the 2005 season will be more rewarding.

However, those times that I have sailed her (even with jury-rigged lines and rigging), Indeed has proven to be a very fun, spirited, fast, and stable boat to sail.  So far, all of my sailing has been single-handed and late in the season (i.e. cold).  Also, much of it has been in inclement weather requiring single and double reefs.  Despite the conditions and my slow learning curve, I have always come back very happy and satisfied with having enjoyed sailing a real thoroughbred sailboat.

In some ways, sailing Indeed is like sailing a big Laser.  She is extremely responsive and maneuverable.  However, with her 10' beam she is also very stable.  I can hardly wait to get her set up to my liking and enjoy her in good weather.

These are the first pictures of Indeed that I found on the web.   (click on pictures to see a larger image in a separate window)

Sailing with jib

As stored in Maryland

Cockpit forward

Cockpit aft

Instrument Panel

Line clutches

Introduction of finding Indeed

Kaufman Design page about the Screamer.

My first pictures of Indeed taken on 12/24/02.

Hawaiin Race won by a Kaufman Screamer.

Indeed arriving in Wickford, RI by truck on 8/4/03

Indeed being launched in Wickford, RI on 8/25/03

Indeed being hauled out and transported in Wickford, RI on 12/22/03

Indeed being launched at Quonset Point, RI on 8/10/04

Indeed being hauled out and transported at Quonset Point, RI on 11/30/04