January 2007 Trip to Oregon

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Mount Hood (11,239 ft)

Barb and I took advantage of a January airline promotional fare and flew out to Oregon to visit my parents and brother. 

The weather was clear enough that we were able to get our bearings as we passed south of Yellowstone (when
shades were raised after the onboard movie).

We flew over the reversing bend in the Snake River at Oxbow, OR, and had an excellent northerly view of the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area including Eagle Cap, Sacajawea (9838 ft), the Matterhorn, and Wallowa Lake.  That is the area into which we backpacked from Wallowa Lake for a Bowman family reunion in 1998.   I climbed up the Matterhorn twice on that trip, the second time was with Barb and Amy the day after a Bowman/Bunker family group and I had climbed up both the Matterhorn and Sacajewea.  On an earlier fishing trip in my teens, my dad, Uncle Homer, and I horsebacked from Wallowa Lake into the Wilderness Area, fished for trout (literally catching two at a time with a 30 per day limit), climbed Eagle Cap and then backpacked out via the Lostine Canyon.  It was great to fly over the area with such a great, clear overview.  Unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying the view to think of digging my camera out of the overhead carry-on baggage.

Later we also had great views of Mount Adams, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and the Columbia River Gorge as we headed into Portland.  I had the camera out for these views.

We had a great time in Oregon visiting and playing cards with Mom and Dad and helping my dad with several projects that needed attention at home.  We also got to visit and share several meals with Tom, Van,
Jade and Eric.

The next weekend had clear weather so Tom took us for a drive through Portland (to visit Jade and Eric's new condo) and then for a loop around Mount Hood.  On the way we stopped at a cabin that Tom recently purchased on the Sandy River.  Then we drove up to the famous 1930's Timberline Lodge where we enjoyed a great lunch with spectacular views of the volcano's peak, the ski slopes, and long distance views of the volcanos to the south.  After spending time at the lodge, we continued east and north around the mountain up to Hood River (windsurfing capital of the US) on the Columbia River.  From there we returned home travelling through the Columbia River Gorge past Multnomah Falls (one of my favorites).  We were fortunate to have wonderful weather for the whole day.

Our Flight back provided spectaculor views of the volcanos to the south.  Although there was a low blanket of clouds, the peaks protruded upwards like islands in an ocean.  Fortunately there was a break in the clouds as we passed north of Wallowa Lake, so I got some pictures of the lake and its glacial moraine.  Unfortunately the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area was not visible, but we did have some great views over parts of Idaho and Wyoming.

Most of these pictures were taken through
windows of the airplane, car, and lodge.


John Day Dam
on the Columbia River

The Dalles Dam

Colombia River Gorge

Mount Adams (12,276 ft)

Mount St. Helens (8,365 ft)
and Mount Rainier (14,410 ft)

Mount St. Helens

Eric and Mom
in Jade and Eric's condo

View behind Jade's condo

Mt. St. Helens from Jade's roof

Mt. Hood on way to Tom's Cabin

Mt. Hood (11,239 ft)

Moss covered trees at Tom's cabin

Moss at the cabin

Mt. Hood from Timberline Lodge

Mt. Jefferson (10,497 ft)
Three Sisters (10,358 ft) on left

Mt. Jefferson & Trillium Lake

Multnomah Falls

Mt. Hood

Bonneville Dam

Bonneville Dam

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson (10,497 ft)
Three Sisters (10,358 ft), Mt. Bachelor (back left),
and Diamond Peak (8,750 ft) (far back right)

Wallowa Lake, Joseph & Enterprise

Wallowa Lake and its glacial moraine