Places   (04/18/05 through 05/08/05)



04/18        Flight Over Artic and Siberia

04/19        Bejing

                 Bejing City

                 Bejing People

                 Bejing Transportation

                 Tienamin Square

                 Forbidden City

                 Ming Tomb

                 Great Wall


                 Summer Palace


                 Bejing Opera

04/22        Xian

                 Xian City

                 Xian People

                 Xian Transportation

                 Wild Goose Pagoda

                 Jade Factory

                 Gate And Wall

                 Terra Cotta Warriors

                 Music And Dance

050424    Hangzhou

                Hangzhou City

                Hangzhou People

                Hangzhou Transportation

                West Lake

                Tea Fields

                Lingyin Temple

                Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine

04/26      Shanghai

                Train-Hangzhou To Shanghai

                Shanghai City

                Shanghai People


                Old Town



04/28       Suzhou

                Suzhou City

                Suzhou People

                Suzhou Transportation

                Private Garden


                Silk Factory

                Tiger Hill Pagoda

04/29       Yi Chang

                Yi Chang City

                Yi Chang People

                Yi Chang Transportation

04/30       Yangze - First Lock and Xiling Gorge

04/30       Three Gorges Dam

                Three Gorges People

                Three Gorges Dam

                Three Gorges Locks

                Three Gorges Lake

05/01       Shennong River





05/01      Yangze - Wu and Outang Gorges

05/02      Shibazhai - Red Pagoda

05/02      Yangze

05/03      Chonggang

05/03      Guilin - Li River

                Guilin City



                Li River


05/06      Hong Kong

                Hong Kong City

                Bird And Flower Market

05/08      San Francisco


      Animals Summary

      Boats Summary

      People Summary

      Transportation Summary

















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