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South America Cruise



Barbara and Bill decided to take a cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Norwegian Dream and circumnavigate South America in March 2002.  The cruise began in Buenos Aires, Argentina and went south around Cape Horn before heading north to Santiago, Chile and then continuing on up through the Panama Canal and ending in Miami.  

This was actually two back-to-back cruise packages and we had to change cabins in the middle of our trip.  We bought a round-trip flight from Boston to Miami through  We also booked a one-way ticket from Miami to Buenos Aires and a pre-cruise tour package for Buenos Aires and Iguassu Falls from  This arrangement provided us with excellent service and a very good experience.

We travelled close to 18,000 miles on this trip:  Lee, NH to Buenos Aires was over 5,900 miles; our side-trip to Igussau Falls was about 1,400 miles; the ship travelled over 9,000 miles; and Miami back to Lee was about 1,400 miles.  Suprisingly, during the whole trip we never had more than a one hour time difference from Eastern Standard Time.

The cruise was generally very good.  The Norwegian Dream is in excellent condition and the food was great.  We quickly learned to do our shore excursions on our own and not pay double or triple price for the ship's excursions.  This worked out well for us and we got to see most of what we wanted to.  We had tentative reservations with for a side-trip to Machu Picchu in Peru.  Unfortunately, however, we were not able to go ashore in Peru, as they were having demonstrations and bombings when we were there (That was when President Bush came down to Lima for a summit meeting).  Also we had some delays in the Panama Canal and at the dock in Miami.  The delay in Miami actually worked out well for us.  We volunteered to give up our airline seats and fly on a later flight to Boston.  As a reward, we received free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the United States.

In this website we have tried to give you some feel of the sights that we were able to enjoy on the trip.  Amy loaned us her digital camera, which we used extensively.  This was our first time using a digital camera and we took full advantage of it.  We have grouped some our better pictures onto pages and made it so that you can access them via the links at the top and bottom of each page.

The size of the pictures has been reduced considerably (they are originally about 1MB), but probably should have been reduced further to speed up loading time.  Some of the pages may take a while to load.  

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Home, Itinerary, Ship, Falls, Places, Penguins, Cape Horn, Glaciers, Geoglyphs, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Things, Wildlife, People