Inca geoglyphs at Cerro Unita and Pintados near Iquique, Chile

We hired a taxi for the full day and climbed out of Iquique, Chile to the high Pampa del Tamarugal (plain).  There we visited Humberstone, an abandoned nitrate mining company town, and then went on to see the geoglpyhs at Cerro Unita and Pintados.  The pampa is almost a perfect desert (little to no recorded rain).  This has allowed the geoglyphs to survive relatively intact for many centuries.  We found it hard to understand how the Inca civilization could have thrived in such a desolate enviornment.



Climbing out of Iquique, Chile

Steel swimming pool at Humberstone, Chile

Geoglyph at Cerro Unita, Chile

Geoglyph at Pintados, Chile

Geoglyphs at Pintados, Chile

Geoglyphs at Pintados, Chile